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About the author

Covadonga    López    Iglesias    is    a    Spanish    author    of    (smart) chick   lit.   She   was   born   in   Salamanca   (Spain)   but   she   spent her youth in Alicante, where her family still lives. She   studied   Sociology   in   Alicante   (Spain)   and   Political   Science in   Berlin   (Germany).      After   working   as   a   political   analyst   for her       government,       political       institutes,       international organizations    and    private    companies,    she    wrote    her    first novel "The last cigarette". Covadonga     has     worked     and     lived     in     the     US,     Spain, Luxembourg and Germany. Currently she lives with her husband and son in Frankfurt.

About the books


“13 with Alfred” Thrilled   with   anticipation   Valerie   gets   ready   to   face   the   most important   moment   of   her   life.   It   is   the   day   in   which   she   will reveal   the   discovery   of   the   millennium   to   investors   of   the company   where   she   has   been   working   at   since   last   summer, and of course this is not an exaggeration. Nevertheless,   the   elements   of   nature   seem   to   be   against Valerie’s   plans   and   several   misfortunes   turn   that   morning   into a    true    hell.    First    of    all,    the    way    to    the    airport    with    a pessimistic   taxi   driver   drives   Valerie   almost   crazy   with   his prediction    that    the    end    of    the    world    is    near.    Second,    a powerful    typhoon    arrives    in    Illinois    and    sets    the    entire population   into   a   state   of   emergency   and   panic.   And   finally, the   majority   of   the   flights   scheduled   for   that   morning   are cancelled. After   hours   of   uncertainty,   the   airport   informs   passengers that   Valerie’s   flight   will   be   the   last   to   take   off   on   that   day   of chaos   and   confusion.   What   she   first   understands   as   a   stroke of    luck    turns    hours    later    into    a    dreadful    nightmare    since Valerie   never   reaches   her   wished   destination.   Instead   she   has to   spend   a   week   with   the   most   bizarre   people   that   she   has ever met in a dangerous village in Mexico. Acts     of     betrayal,     conspiracies,     friendships,     romance, adventures   and   even   a   murder   will   take   place   during   those frantic   seven   days.   Will   Valerie   be   able   to   survive?   And   the most   important   question   of   all:   Will   she   finally   get   what   she   is looking for? “The Saga Progreso” “13   with   Alfred”   is   the   first   novel   in   a   series   of   three   titled “The    Saga    Progreso.”    The    series    mixes    several    literature genres:   thriller,   chick   lit,   contemporary   women’s   fiction   and romantic   comedy.   Although   readers   do   not   necessarily   need to   read   all   three   novels   to   understand   the   whole   story,   those who   read   the   first   and   the   second   novels   of   the   series   will   get to   know   some   of   the   characters   that   play   a   role   in   the   third one. “The   Saga   Progreso”   is   about   the   pursuit   of   happiness.   It   also makes   readers   think   about   some   of   the   important   issues   in our   lives   -   always,   however,   from   a   humorous,   zeitgeisty, naughty and, above all, touching standpoint.  
" The   last   cigarette "   tells   the   story   of   four   young   women and   their   inexorably   search   for   “Mr.   Right”.   It   addresses issues    of    modern    womanhood,    often    humorously    and lightheartedly. Despite   of   some   tragedies   and   some   kind   of   blows   of   fate, the   four   characters   of   this   book   do   not   lose   their   sense   of humor and hope. This   hilarious   novel   is   aimed   at   modern   women,   who   are not   afraid   of   taking   risky   steps   to   achieve   their   dreams   and goals.